Remote Learning/Canvas

Information included on this page:
1.  Pairing codes in Canvas
2.  Adding Wifi and Getting Started with a Chromebook
3.  Canvas login instructions for an iPad
4.  Computer/Chromebook Login Instructions for Canvas
5.  remote/eLearning for Student and Parents
6.  remote/eLearning FAQs
7.  remote/eLearning Login Conventions (how to log in to multiple sites on the elementary level)
Also included is a short video showing how to access Canvas at home from a laptop.  (Accessing Canvas on a mobile device might have a slightly different look compared to the images in the video) 
Pairing multiple students to Parent's Canvas Observation Account
Log into your Parent Account
Click Account in black navigation
Choose Settings
Click Observing
Enter Pairing Code obtained from the process outlined in this video: Pairing Codes