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Healthy School Guidelines

Too Sick for School
Please refer to the VCS Return to Learn Plan
for specific guidelines concerning Covid-19.

Illness is a part of school life. We work closely with the Porter County Health Department when there is any concern of a reportable communicable disease. If a child is diagnosed with a communicable problem, such as Covid-19, strep throat, chicken pox, or head lice, we request that the caregiver inform the school.

Children should be kept at home if they have the following:

  • Temperature of 100 degrees or over
  • Eye infections with discharge
  • Cough associated with fever or continuous unrelieved cough
  • Cold symptoms associated with other signs of illness
  • Communicable diseases (chicken pox, scabies, impetigo, ringworm, head lice - until treated appropriately)
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Undiagnosed skin eruptions or rashes


*We ask students to be on antibiotic treatment for 24 hours or fever free 24 hours without an analgesic (Tylenol, Motrin, ibuprofen) before returning to school.

Please contact your health care provider or school nurse with questions about the information given here. This information is designed as a guideline for VCS. This is not a substitute for advice from your health care provider.

Please refer to the Memorial Return to Learn Plan for 2021-2022 changes
in policies regarding food at school and birthday celebrations.
If you have questions about the kinds of snacks and lunches the children may bring to school,  please refer to the attached Healthy School Brochure:  
(please note that the student handbook states that birthday treats may ONLY be non-food items)