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Contact Person:  Mr. Scott Sienkowski

Available for:  4th and 5th grader students


This program is designed to allow children who enjoy sports an

opportunity to participate in a variety of  sports.


2018-2019 School Year Dates

4th grade:  November 7, December 5, January 9, January 23. February 13, March 13

5th grade:  October 31, November 14, December 12, January 16, February 6, March 6 




Contact Person:  Mrs. Gretchen Scott

Available for:  4th and 5th graders




Contact Person:  Mrs. Anna DeRoo

Available for:  4th and 5th grade students


Memorial Choir give students the opportunity to lift up their voices in song. 

Our two major concerts are ‘This is Our Story” on December 11th

and “Catch a wave” on April 30th.




Contact Person:  Mrs. Alicia Watkins

Available for:  4th and 5th grade students


Math Bowl is a team competition in which students work in groups to solve

challenging math problems.  Try-outs will be held if interest is high. 

Practices are held in January and February. 

The competition is held a the end of February.




Contact Person:  Mrs. Shellie Schoff

Available for:  5th grade students


The Robotic’s team is 5th graders who have applied and met a set list of

criteria to participate.  Students design, build, program, and compete

with a robot.  VEX IQ Robotic, a nation-wide organization, is the

organization that provides the challenges.




Contact Person:  Miss Jennifer Hoefler

Available for:  4th and 5th grader students


Our team works together not only to enhance our Science

questioning and asking skills, but to have fun building teamwork

with our hands on experiments.

Competition dates:  January 22-24, 2019




Contact Person:  Mrs. Julie Dombrowski and Miss Alyssa Martinek

Available for:  4th and 5th graders


Try-outs for this team are held in September.  We practice weekly through

November ending in a competition with other local schools.




Contact Person:  Mrs. Angie Coyle and Mrs. Angie Coyle

Available for:  3rd, 4th and 5th grade students


Student Council works on community service projects by promoting fundraisers

for local organizations in Porter County and beyond.  We support Memorial

Elementary by empowering students with leadership skills

to use both inside and outside the classroom.




Contact Person:  Miss Alyssa Martinek and Mrs. Megan Becker


Information coming soon!